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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  June 23, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a 90-year-old man couldn't handle the heat and needed emergency attention. crews took this man to the hospital. if you stepped outdoors for even a few minutes, you know it is really hot. >> it didn't take long. veronica johnson joins us from the storm center. so how high have we climbed? >> so far to 95. i'm hook at some neighborhoods up to 96 degrees. this, of course, is day five of this heat stretch for the area. now we haven't had the high humidity each day. but boy, oh, boy, it is plenty hot out there. let's take a look. the record for today, 98 degrees. we're close to it. the record tomorrow, 98. currently, 95 degrees. upton hill and prince george's county tworgs are currently at 94. and fairfax right now, 93 degrees. factor in the high humidity across the area and what it feels like, that's what is so
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important. warrantton feeling like 100. same thing in the district and up to baltimore, too. as we said, dangerous heat out there. we are watching some isolated storms. right now, one just to the east of the city, moving through charles. town around i-64 and moving away from our area. so this is not going to be the situation like yesterday. only an isolated storm or two this evening. could be packing some high winds. and there's possibility, too, of lightning with the storm. tonight's forecast will drop to the mid 80s by 9:00. this, 84 degrees by 11:00 p.m. a warm, humid evening for us. we'll have one more day of the sweltering heat. and then plift or not, so nice to see the end of this hot stretch for us. i'll tell you when it will arrive in just a few minutes. >> thank you. a major change at the white
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house today. four star general stanley mcchrystal is out. president obama replaced his top afghan war command he shall after mcchrystal and his staff criticized the civilian war team. >> mcchrystal has been replaced by his boss, general david petraeus. steve handelsman has our report. >> the commander-in-chief said it is not personal. he let mcchrystal go on principle. >> i did so with regret but also with certainty that it is the right thing for our mission in afghanistan. >> reporter: in rolling stone magazine, he had belittled the president and others on the obama-afghan team. >> it undermined the civilian core of the military that is at the core of our democratic system. and it erodes the trust necessary for our team to work together. >> reporter: mcchrystal was summoned from kabul to see the president. a repeat of last year when the four star was told to stop bad mouthing his critics. this morning at the white house
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after just half an hour, mcchrystal was out. in a release, he said he resigned to see the afghan mission succeed. so far it isn't. u.s. forces dying at record rates but losing ground to the taliban. the obama command in disarray. >> it is not a team of rivals. it is a team of 9-year-olds and something needs to be con. >> reporter: giving the job to general david petraeus was a surprise, widely welcomed. >> there is no one more qualified. >> the president today stepped up and dealt with it directly and strongly and made the right decision. >> reporter: petraeus was the architect of the surge that stabilized iraq. he oversaw the afghan war surge of mcchrystal's command. >> it is a change in personnel but not in policy. >> reporter: but the mcchrystal firing reopens all the big issues about barack obama's running of the afghan war. petraeus has a cool head and runs a tight ship. the hope is that he can reassure the home front about afghanistan. i'm steve handelsman, nsa new
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at the white house. did you see it? world cup excitement reached a fever pitch this afternoon as usa needed a win to advance. it was tough to turn away. now with the nail biter. >> i know this sounds trit but it was even better than hollywood could have given. it left the united states and algeria tied for nearly the entire game. with just over three minutes to go, landon donavan, the united states' most decorated player who had actually contemplated quitting the game a few years ago, scored what will go down as one of the most important goal in u.s. soccer history. the fans come in with high hopes but they knew they had to win to move on to the next round. a loss in the united states world cup run would be over in the 20th minute. it looked like the u.s. was on the way.
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hercules gomez. in for the goal. or was it? the linesman says offsides. it was. a terrible call. he couldn't believe it. bob bradley couldn't believe it. for the next 70 minutes, the united states and bill clinton would wonder if another referee's call would cost them the world cup game. finally in the 91st minute, need a goal here. a quick dempsey shot is stopped but guess who is this. landon donavan to score the goal. the u.s. beats algeria 1-0 to advance as the top team in group "c" at the world cup. the first time they've won their group since 1930. the party is on. you can be sure that they will be celebrating, at least for a little while tonight. we're going to have much, much more. a huge day in sports. streechb strasburg pitching today and the longest match in wimbledon. it was 53-54. >> 9:30 right now.
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>> i have to work though. you know? >> i'm going to watch it. >> the world cup has so many fans. there were so many fans that the fire marshal had to be brought in. the fire officials locked the doors not letting anyone else inside. people began lining up outside about 30 minutes before it even opened. the restaurant is known for big soccer crowds during the last world cup. summers was fined $5,000 for being over capacity. drivers who use i-270 in montgomery county this afternoon are hoping for the best after this morning. the morning commute was simply a nightmare. all lanes on both sides of i-270 were closed in the gaithersburg area. tracy wilkins has the story.
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>> reporter: both sides. i-270 were shut down between 9:00 and 11:00 in montgomery county. traffic was backed up throughout the area as drivers tried to find alternate routes. >> i'm going to be late and i'm running out of gas. >> reporter: a state highway administration spokesman said a tractor-trailer driving down i-270 took down some sagging power lines after a water line was broken by construction work, causing a leak. it compromised the ground. >> we came out here as soon as we could. as soon as we got the call. it was about 2:00 a.m. and we've been in the process of shutting the water main down. >> reporter: it turns out the subcontractor was hired to do work for the intercounty connector and was drilling in the woods just off the southbound lanes of i-270 when workers drilled into the 20-inch water line. hours later, water still poured into a nearby shopping center parking lot. the spokesman says the drilling was connected to some electric
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work, possibly related to signage for the toll collections. the spokesman says there will be an investigation into what went wrong, saying our main objective today will be to find out what happened, how it happened and what should have happened differently. some drivers we spoke to who could have been stug in the mess say they found a way around it. >> i listened to channel 4 and it said there was a nightmare coming down but they were working on it. then we heard they were working on the outside lanes, the commuter lanes. by the time i was heading up here, it was backed up but they said it was open. this fiber line is part of the temporary fix to what happened with these utilities coming down. comcast came out and stretched this line across the bridge so folks on the other side could have cable. so we have verizon, comcast, all the utility company with an interest in what's happening with this utility line.
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the officials are saying they're going to do a thorough investigation and find out how this top contractor missed a water line beneath them. they're thinking there is a possibility that maybe it wasn't marked. i'm tracy wilkins, news4. so what are 270 and the rest of the roads likelike right now? >> reporter: i come bearing a big old bucket of great news. let's look at 270 at montgomery village. look at that. absolutely dream-like. absolutely lovely. so no big problems to report. around the capitol beltway, glook across the american legion bridge. we do have some delays and you'll find them on the inner loop after the american legion. heavy thumb river road around making past old georgetown road and then toward connecticut. a nasty little commute for the drivers. you won't find major activity. you will find a disabled tractor-trailer as you make the
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approach toward silver spring. back to you guys. >> thanks. things are going to get a lot more crowded in the tyson's corner area. the fairfax county boeshd of soup virz approved a major plan late last night to transform it over the next 20 years. the board wants the retail and office hub to become a second downtown here in the washington area with fewer cars and a lot more residence. it would be planned around the four metro stations now under construction. rescuers tried desperately to save a horse and mule in a barn that collapsed. the mule got out okay but by the time they freed the horse, it had a severe injury. so it had to be put down. >> that's too bad. >> it is indeed. news4 just getting started. the worst foods to give your kids. and 25 songs make it into the library of congress.
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hamburgers and hotdogs. what about pizza? we'll show you how to put your pie on the grill. plus, later on seafood restaurant pulls a dish off the menu because of what's going on in the gulf.
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folks at christie's are hoping to have the biggest auction ever. it is the blue period portrait by pablo picasso. a water lily painting will be up for auction also. each piece is hoping to bring in $250 million. the library of congress is adding to its collection. the rapper's to mama and bill cosby's second album are being added. the homage was selected for displaying hip hop as a genre .
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cosby's album draws from his childhood in philadelphia. it expresses what his life was like. and sounds from the original broadway cast of gypsy. nominations were submitted online by the public and the library's recording preservation board. recordings must be at least ten years old and have some cultural or historical significance. get ready for a new way to make pizza. >> that's right. put your pizza pie on the grill. nbc's leeanne is here for quick bites. >> reporter: shelly young is showing off her south we were style pizza. >> this is particularly popular. pizza on the grill is what it all about. very popular. >> the thing about grilling bea
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beats, a it is about the prep work. >> the first thing we want to do is we have a poblano pepper and a red bell pepper. we will rub a little grape seed oil. >> then remove the skin and slice them up. next, rub the corn with melted butter and chilly powder. >> when we do it hike this, it is a more gentle way of ducooki the corn. >> she rolls the seminola. after you cut the corn on the cob, precook the dough so it a little stiff. put on your peppers, corn and cheese. >> it is almost done. this only takes a few minutes. >> and cook it just enough so that the cheese melts. and then enjoy. >> you can get more ideas on
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grilling and cooking on our website. it is not easy policing what kids east but children's magazine says it has identified some of the worst foods you can feed your children. >> it is not grilled pizza. it says the worst sweetened cereal, what i grew up on, captain crunch. not the shrug, a it is the empty calories and it contains a lot of chemicals. >> the worst lunch it says is oscar mayer maxed out turkey and chedar cracker lunchable. the length of the name should give you a little clue as to the number of camries. almost 700. you add 61 gram of sugar and 22 grams of fat and your child may be better off eating a candy bar for lunch. >> oh, yeah. finally the worst drive. burger king's double cheese burger with fries and a regular coke. this one meal contains your kids' entire daily allotment of
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saturated fat. >> so they should only get these meals on their birthday. >> that special day. >> if you need an idea for dinner, there is an app for that. gourmet magazine is out of print but the brand lives on in a digital product called gourmet live. for the ipad and other mobile gadgets. it will include articles and video. plans are for a number of producers to feed the content, rather than relying on a traditional staff of editors and writers. virginia's peach season starts this july. experts are predicting a sweet one. the state agricultural officials say spring rains got the peach crop off to a very strong start this year. the recent heat is also helping out. they are now predicting the crop full of sweet peaches. the state has about 2,000 acres of commercial peaches. >> that's good to hear. last year i could swear i never had a good peach. >> hard to find them. unless they're really ripe. but nothing says summer like a good peach. >> we've got our fingers crossed
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for this one. still ahead, stuck on a plane for four hours. passengers react to a dreadful flight. plus, will joran van der sloot's confession count? the latest still to come. the first time that i saw a sporting event on fios,
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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a knight from london a flight from london to the u.s. turned into a nightmare. the passengers became stranded for more than four hours last night after the flight was diverted to connecticut themselves landed around 8:00 p.m. weren't let off until about 1:00 a.m. the passengers say they had no food, no water, three people fainted and were taken away in ambulances. >> i've flown a lot in my lifetime. i fly transatlantic a lot and this was the worst experience i've ever had. >> virgin atlantic airlines has apologized and offered passengers credit on their tickets, as well as hotel vouchers. pack your patience. >> not supposed to happen here in the states anymore. with the change in the laws. turning to the weather, my goodness. my goodness.
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>> and the summer is just getting started. we've gotten calls saying don't tell me that it going to be like. this how many 90-degree days have we had so far for the year? >> i originally guessed ten. i assume it was at least a couple of weeks. >> and i said ten, too. we're both wrong. >> it's 17. so this latest stretch is five consecutive days now but going all the way back to april. we had the heat early and we're getting these long consecutive days of high temperature over 90 degrees. and it is not going to ease up through the summer. yes, it will be cooling down but we're going to see what i think will be a very long and hot summer. 96 is the bug on the bottom of the screen. 95 at national. not quite as high as i was
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anticipating yesterday. it feels hike 98 degrees. for your evening, we'll drop to 94 degrees by 7:00. then 87 by 9:00. we'll start to lose the cloud cover. we'll be at 84 degrees. notice the lack of storms posted on your good night forecast. town south, around the gordonsville area, there are some storms. they're making their way south. that one little storm we were watching in charles county, that one tying out. only an isolated storm mainly well south of the area. in spotsylvania county, the temperature there, 99 degrees. so while at reagan national we're not that hot, places hike spotsylvania, way hot. 97 is the high temperature. it just changed to 98 degrees. so it is again an extremely hot day out there. and we have again humidity around the area. 65 to 69 degrees. the dew point temperature tomorrow in the upper 60s again. and we're not the only ones either. look at cincinnati, ohio,
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feeling hike 100. and 105, the current heat index. st. louis, missouri. we've been talking about the storms. a better chance of the storms tomorrow. that is from this main weather system moving through the great lakes and the midwest. you can see the severe thunderstorm watch. and around chicago, there is a tornado watch in effect. that is where there are several lines of storms moving through. the jet stream right along it. they're advancing pretty good but they're putting down a lot of rain and moving over those same areas. so flood watch, detroit, cincinnati, st. louis and back into omaha. so with any of these that come through tomorrow, we'll get some heavy rain and probably some high winds. tomorrow it looks like two to 8:00 p.m. the best chances of storms coming through. here's a look at this forecast. we're warm and humid. partly cloudy skies. another warm start for us. 72 to 77. the high tomorrow, 93 to 97.
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and storms areawide are more likely tomorrow. the 90s are the high temperature for friday. 95 for saturday. it could have a passing storm during the afternoon. 93 degrees is expected for sunday. and guys, you know, some folks are saying when will we cool down? when is this humidity going to get out of here? next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday. highs from 85 to 87 degrees with less humidity across the area. >> we can hang in there. we have an update. 59-59 at wimbledon. a record. it sounds like college basketball. >> incredible. a really hot game. >> it is. there is much more ahead. new at 4:30, several parts of the washington area are helping the census numbers. also coming up, more trouble in the gulf as the cap comes off and more oil is spewing. plus a minor league baseball coach goes berserk.
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hello. welcome back. i'm pat lawson. here's some of the stories we're following for you. general stanley mcchrystal is out today. president obama accepted his resignation at the white house and promly named his replacement. he is nominated general david petraeus to run the war in afghanistan. petraeus oversaw the surge in iraq and is currently the boss at central command. as such he oversees the wars in both iraq and afghanistan. the afternoon commute is so far better than the morning commute on i-270 in gaithersburg early this morning. power lines fell on to the roadways, forcing the closure of all lanes of traffic. the lines were low-hanging because the water main break caused a utility pole to tilt. rescuers in montgomery county tried to desperately save a horse and mule trapped in a barn that collapsed today. crews spent four hours at the barn here. the mule got out okay but by the time they freed the horse, it
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had a serious injury so the owner had to put it down. and what a thiler for the u.s. soccer team today. landon donavan scored in extra time to give the u.s. a 1-0 victory over algeria. team usa advances to the next round. there is a lot more oil from that broken well pouring into the gulf than this was just yesterday. an undersea robot bump adventing system, forcing british petroleum to remove a cap that had been containing some of the crude. that's sending tens of thousands of additional oil wells, gallons gushing into the gulf. until the crews can check the cap and put it back on. jay gray has more from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: disturbing new pictures from the floor of the gulf this morning. oil rushing freely from the severed riser. crews apparently forced to remove a containment cap after a remotely controlled vehicle collided with the structure, closing a vent. >> when they thought that line
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might have been compromised or they had the chance to have hydro carbons coming up into the discover enterprise which is flaring right now, over an abundance of caution, they elected to remove the cap and move the riser pipe and the cap away. >> reporter: the recovery ship is still flaring off oil and natural gas but these pictures clearly show a lot more crude escaping into the water. another wave of oil has washed up along the gulf coast today. this time, in pensacola beach, florida. huge globs of crude and smaller tar balls soiling the sugar white sands and suffocating the marine life. >> there is a lot out there we can't see. >> reporter: the mess stretches for miles. >> we were so hopeful that it wasn't going to come to the beach. obviously, something happened overnight. just devastation. i immediately went into tears. this is god's creation, you know? and for it to be destroyed like
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this is heart-breaking. >> reporter: an ache that has hingered for 65 days now. and one that is likely to continue with more oil off the coast and more problems at the spill site. jay gray, nbc news, venice, louisiana. >> the gulf oil disaster has forced red lobster to take some oysters off the men ufl seafood from the gulf coast is growing more scarce. for years, the louisiana company ameripure has supplied oysters. it is a small business success story. it started in a garage. 15 years ago and it was thriving until the gulf spill. now seafood wholesalers around the country are forced to look elsewhere such as cape cod to get oysters and ameripure has been forced to shut down at least for now. a judge in peru could decide whether to toss out the confession of joran van der sloot. he is accused of beat spg
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murdering 21-year-old stephany flores in a hotel room in peru. he has reportedly confessed to the crime. yesterday van der sloot's attorney asked a judge to throw out that confession, claiming cops tricked him into giving it. van der sloot remains the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance in aruba. a funeral today for a spotsylvania county deputy killed in the hine of duty over the weekend. hundreds went to salem field's church in fredericksburg to honor the life of deputy dean ridings. he died in a boegt accident while on marine patrol on lake anna. he had been on the force since 2004. those who served with him took part in today's services. the defense rested its case in the case of athe murder of robert wone. he was stabbed to death while spending the night in the dupont circle home of joe price, victor
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zaborsky and dylan ward. the they have men say someone broke into their house and murdered wone. no one is charged with that killing. this case is being tried before a judge. not a jury. closing arguments are set for tomorrow and our pat collins will have a live report coming up here on news4 at 5:00. newlyweds leave their wedding cash on the roof of their car. a real honeymoon story come up next. southwest airlines knows how to celebrate a birthday and passengers are the ones getting the gifts. must, a mother talks about surviving a tree crashing through her van with her children inside.
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wall street closes mixed today. traders pondered news that interest rates would remain low. the dow closed up about four points to 10,298. the nasdaq down about 7. and the s&p 500 was off about three points. southwest airlines is
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holding a fare sale in honor of its 39th birthday to celebrate tickets one way are up to $39. trips up to 1,000 miles are on sale for $79. particula tickets are good until september 18th. let's go somewhere. anywhere. our area continues to grow rapidly while rust belt cities are really suffering. alexandria and arlington both added more than 3% to their populations becoming the fifth and seventh growing fastest in the country. it is about jobs. the washington area is boosted by federal jobs, of course. the biggest population losers, detroit and flint, misch. baltimore is also losing residents and the two retirement communities, cape coral and st. petersburg, florida, on the gulf
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coast are declining. four of the fastest growing cities are in the big state of texas. >> all right. northern virginia doing its part though. >> to go its part. holding up its end. >> hrt. we are just moving up that mercury. >> we have one more day like this. most folks, a few who say i like the heat. but most folks not loving it. especially those who have to work outside for a living. you can see the haze there on our city cam. and as we said, it is meant, meant hot outside. a lot of neighborhoods into the upper 90s up around pittsburgh now, and down into extreme western maryland. garrett county, a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 p.m. into columbus, ohio. tomorrow we will be under the gun with some severe weather across the area. here's a look at the radar. i want to show you how quiet it is. there was an isolated storm that moved through charles county. that one died out. 95, the temperature right now, the dew point at 64 degrees. so again, feeling more like 98. by tomorrow morning, 77. it will be another warm start
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for us. we'll start with mostly clear skies. we'll get the clouds and thunderstorms by the early afternoon. 97 degrees. then friday, 90. it will be hot but less humid on friday. the weekend, too, the humidity will cooperate a bit. >> all right. cooperating humidity. that's what we need in the summer in washington. >> exactly. >> thanks. still ahead on news4 at 4:00, one of the guys on the jersey shore hopes to cash in on his fame. >> plus, what is the manliest city in the country and where does washington rank?
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prince albert of monaco is going to marry charlene
4:45 pm
wittstock. david and ashley nolasco got married last weekend near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. they got $3,900 in cash during their wedding reception. but they promptly lost it. >> they had stuffed the cash in an envelope and put in it a wedding album. they put that album on the trunk of their car. you guessed it, they just drove off. another motorist pointed out the album on the trunk and the envelope had already fallen out. a nice guy named brennan breen found the envelope on basesy highway on monday. he saw the story about the lost cash on several local news websites. he gave the money to police so they could return it to the newlyweds. breen said he turned the money over for a simple reason. it wasn't his. >> what a guy. what a man. >> more people like that is what we need. get a load of this.
4:46 pm
if you had to name the manliest city, would it be charlotte, north carolina? that's the top of the list by the maker of the snack food combos. they named 50 cities on several cry tear yark including sport, manly retail stores and salty snack food sales. the rest of the top five are columbus, ohio, kansas city, missouri, nashville, tennessee, and baltimore. washington scored ninth on that list. >> all right. barely making the top ten. there's nuese news about one of the stars from jersey shore. mike southern tino is going from a t-shirt shot to designing his own line of clothing. the guy has talent. he has teamed one a company called get a gap. that's the acronym for does it look like i give a -- it will be on the second season of when jersey shore begins. >> hing up to get those.
4:47 pm
let's get another look at the roads. before you head out and get into the car. >> ash is a fan of jersey shore. >> i most certainly am. >> t-shirts for you. >> fortunately for drivers on the roadways, no big situations around town. we do have some slow moving traffic. 270 headed northbound as you make your approach. no accident activity but it had been heavy. elsewhere around town, we have big delays on the capitol beltway. that will be the inner loop at a stand still. the pace gets a little better here. the culprit was a disabled tractor-trailer. it was never in the travel portion of the roadway. just a lot to look at this. out of springfield, not too bad as you start off your trip but it will be heavy. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks. still ahead, a minor league baseball coach goes ballistic. also ahead, a mother and her children survive a scary situation.
4:48 pm
plus, a 500 pound alligator goes on the attack.
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a coach in kansas gives an umpire an earful and then some. james is the pitching coach for the american association's ft. worth caps themselves made the wichita wing nuts. his theatrics earned him an early exit. you can hear it. fans must have agreed because they gave a standing ovation as he left. get on the road! the nomination for governor last night. >> but this is a really great night because south carolina just showed the rest of the country what we're made of. >> the commanding win placeses
4:52 pm
her within one step of being elected this fall as the state's first woman governor. she prevailed in the drama filled primary season in which two republican opponents made unsubstantiated claim that they had affairs with her and a third used an ethnic sure. she is indian american. the victory makes haley one of the leading faces of the national republican party. she was endorsed by mitt rom any and by sarah palin. >> let's get the word on the weather. it still says 94. >> we're going to have high heat going until at least 6:00. >> and air quality? >> right. the high heat and you start mixing with all of that, the sunshine across the area. the emissions, the hydro carbons, all of that makes it difficult to breathe for a lot of folks. take a look south of that boundary. you can see the shading of a yellow and orange showing up. saint mary's and up into baltimore and areas eevgt delaware down to ocean city. that's where the air quality right now is the worst.
4:53 pm
healthy for everyone but it is the sensitive groups with asthma that really have to make adjustments to their day and get out as early as possible. 92 in quantico. right now mclean at 93 degrees. tomorrow morning, 77. it will be dry across the area. not for the afternoon or evening. we'll have the storms coming in. it could be severe with damaging winds and even for the area, just 90. >> still ahead on news4 at 4:00, an alligator takes a big bite out of a driver. >> plus a mother talks about the frightening ordeal when a tree crashes down on her van with her children i
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a diver is recovering after a 12-foot alligator attack him in central florida. officials say a 500-pound gator
4:57 pm
bit the driver on the head and neck as he was testing water levels at an amuse. park. he was able to get out of the water and away from the gator. he was taken to the hospital. tram herbs caught the gator and later put it down. an accident in ohio. a massive tree limb crushed a van with a mother and her three daughters inside. >> somehow they all walk away. >> reporter: this is what's left of a honda minivan nearly smashed flat with a mother and her three young daughters inside. >> i really don't know how we survived. and i'm just unbelievably thankful that everyone is happy and safe and no one is hurt. and somebody was looking after us. >> reporter: braun was driving through suburban cincinnati when rain, wind and lightning uprooted the massive tree. >> could i tell it was going to hit our car. i don't really remember much after that. other than getting my kids out
4:58 pm
of the car as soon as i could. >> reporter: she pulled them out through the smashed out windows. there were four car seats for the they have girls. and the only one that was crushed was the empty one. >> we are definitely a big fan of very strong car seats. >> reporter: amazingly, the only injuries were a puncture wound on mom's wrist and minor scrapes for the girls. friends and family couldn't believe it wasn't worse. especially dad who was at work at the time. >> i'm thinking i'm the huckiest man in the world. my family is still around. that's news 4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 begins right now. a news4 exclusive. we've learned a trooper couldn't
4:59 pm
arrest a patron he kicked out of the restaurant and that left the suspect free to come back and allegedly murder trooper wesley brown in cold blood. good evening. welcome to news4 at 5:00. we'll have more on that story in just a moment. >> we begin with some breaking news out of northeast washington where two people have been shot. >> police are on the scene of the shooting and the 1,200 block of fifth street. northeast. john is live at the scene with the latest on the story. john? >> reporter: we're live on the scene. what happened earlier, police say around 2:30 this afternoon, there was an armed robbery at one of the wholesale stores. take a look at the scene. the police chief, mayor fenty is on the scene. they're surveying to see what happened. witnesses tell us that two suspects went into the wholesale corporation where they sell hats and other types of merchandise. and it was an armed


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